What is a maintenance plan?

By Admin, June 8th 2021

Driving your car takes its toll on any vehicle: be it start and stop traffic or long-distance journeys, every drive is one drive closer to needing a car service. A great maintenance plan will ensure that you do not incur extensive expenses for repairs, while your safety standard is always met as you drive your car. With all the details that surround your car subscription, purchase or hire, it’s easy to get confused about what you need and what you ultimately sign up for. We put together a simple explainer that should make it a little easier.

What is a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan is a limited-time agreement with your car manufacturer which pays for the labour and parts required for the service and upkeep of your car. It covers the replacement of specific parts which are damaged or worn out as a result of driving. A maintenance plan is usually bought together with your car purchase, but can also be bought separately and is dependent on the manufacturer or the dealer's policies. Importantly, a maintenance plan is not a service plan or a warranty.

What should a maintenance plan cover?

More comprehensive than a service plan, your maintenance plan will usually cover essential parts like breaks, windscreens, alternators, wheel bearings, starters and tyres-- all the things you do not want to scramble for if they wear out or break. So basically, it covers mechanical failures and fair wear and tear of your car parts.

How long does it last?

Typically, the plan is for a duration of 3 years or 5 years and in combination with a number of kilometres travelled, usually 60,000km or 90,000km. These terms are usually extendable depending on the use of your car and can be activated after you have bought your car.

Is it worth getting a maintenance plan?

That’s entirely up to you, however, it is advisable to make sure you are always covered for what you will need in the future. The more expensive the car, the more necessary it becomes to get a maintenance plan to cover the cost of expensive parts. The bottom line is, it is very important to make sure that your car runs smoothly to make sure you are as safe as can be.

We believe in that safety. FlexClub offers members an all-inclusive price which means you do not need to get separate maintenance on fair wear and tear, which will come with the subscription. As a standard; Members enjoy maintenance on their vehicles for as long as they are subscribed which covers tyres, windows, collision and theft damage and much, much more, all included in one of our monthly subscription charge.

At FlexClub, we prioritise your highest safety through comprehensive cover, while providing reliability, simplicity and flexibility.

Remember, it is always important to read the fine print when you are looking at a car contract. We are always available for you should you need any clarity or further information.


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