What is This ‘Car Subscription’ Thing Anyway?

By FlexClub, October 6th 2021

These days you can subscribe to anything. From TV streaming services like Netflix and online courses from the likes of Skillshare to make-up boxes from Sephora and DIY meal kits like UCook. It’s like it’s just not cool to own anything anymore. (Thank you Millenials!) 

So, why not start subscribing to a car, too? 

FlexClub provides a range of different vehicles that suit your lifestyle and budget through hassle-free car subscriptions. The same way you can subscribe to music on Spotify, you can subscribe to drive many different vehicles with FlexClub. 

Think about it like car rental but with way more freedom and flexibility. When renting, if your needs suddenly change, you won’t be able to terminate your contract without incurring a penalty. You'll be stuck with the contract that you first signed, for however long that was agreed on. With FlexClub, you can pause or cancel your subscription at no extra cost - anytime. 

And just like how with Spotify you’re not stuck listening to the same songs on the same albums; with FlexClub, you’re not stuck driving the same car month after month, year after year - you can swap or upgrade your vehicle at no extra cost - as you need (or want) to. 

No contract, no down payment, no loans. Just an all-inclusive monthly fee. Yup, that means things like insurance, vehicle maintenance and tracking are all included in your monthly fees. 

Sound amazing? We certainly think so! Subscribe to freedom and peace of mind. Subscribe to your next ride with FlexClub. 

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