How To Get a Car from Your Couch

By FlexClub, November 1st 2021

Think of something you want. Anything at all. Chances are, you can get that very thing delivered to you without much more effort than a thumb-scroll and a few clicks. But, have you ever tried to get a car (whether renting or buying) from the comfort of your couch? 

Vehicle rental companies are built around physical branches – with customers going into those branches to collect their car and have their licences, IDs and credit cards verified. Who has time for that these days? 

On top of that, with the traditional car-buying experience, you need the bank, the dealer, the insurer, the licensing department, the tracking company and other third parties to all come together just so you can drive off the showroom floor. 

With FlexClub subscriptions, you can go onto our website, select a vehicle at a monthly price tag that includes all costs (yep – that’s delivery, insurance, maintenance and service all on one easy payment), have your identity and creditworthiness verified (all online!), conclude the payment, plus have the vehicle of your choice delivered to the address stipulated – within a week.

And, when you get tired of a vehicle, or when your needs change, you can use the same process for the old vehicle to be collected and to order a new vehicle. Pretty awesome, right? 

We do it all. With FlexClub, there’s no mental burden, no buyer’s remorse, no long-term commitment. Just peace of mind, and freedom. 

Join the Club.

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