FlexClub takes information security seriously

By FlexClub, June 9th 2021

Various subscription services ask for a variety of documents and information, making customers’ lives easier. Of course, it may lead to a raised eyebrow every once in a while as we wonder what will happen to our information. Here are a few pointers to consider when you make your decision to put your mind at ease.

Ease and efficiency

The number one reason is ease. The process of assessing your application is made far easier and less strenuous when you link your account details. Think about it- no need to send bank statements, payslips or fill in application forms. It allows FlexClub to expedite your approval and get your car to your door ASAP.

We can only read your information.

When you give us access to your information, it is read-only - we cannot change it or your account. We don’t store your credentials and only you grant or deny us permission to access your information - at any time.‍ We respect your privacy and will only look for the information we require. We also do not share your information with anyone, there’s no need for that.

World-class security

When you allow us entry to your account, you can rest assured that we have taken every measure to keep your personal information safe. Your profile is encrypted, meaning no one can access it, even if the information is intercepted- which is extremely unlikely!
As you know by now, FlexClub is a fully digital marketplace where you have the freedom to choose your car, buy it and receive it, all from the comfort of your home. Now, we love providing this service to all our customers, no doubt, but what makes all of this possible is trust.

We can’t wait to see you drive your way!

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