Find flexibility with FlexClub

By FlexClub, June 9th 2021

FlexClub is the answer for the consumer looking for flexible terms to drive or own a car. We will tell you a little more about them later, for now, let’s take a look at what FlexClub offers today’s consumer.

First, let’s look at why FlexClub is the answer to your car needs. According to Biz Community, consumers are more likely to shy away from debt and have concerns about the economic future. Here is where we believe the real value in FlexClub actually lies. You can drive your car now, and decide to buy it later… Or never. What does this mean?

It means that as a member, FlexClub empowers you to make the choice as you experience your vehicle. No long term loan agreements. So you can return your car when you don’t want it, or buy it if you love it. No-fuss.

So what is a car subscription? A car subscription is a flexible agreement to access a personal vehicle. This flexible agreement allows you to access the car for one monthly cost without the need to get an added maintenance plan or insurance. You have no obligation to buy the car or to keep it longer than you want it. You also have the option to swap the car or buy the car anytime, and that choice is entirely up to you. We won’t get into the subscribing vs buying debate, that one is also entirely up to you. See, we are all about freedom and flexibility and we can prove it.

The freedom to choose is yours. Drive your way.

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