SA delivery drivers - FlexClub now offers motorcycle subscriptions

By FlexClub, October 11th 2021

FlexClub, the innovative global vehicle subscription marketplace, has partnered with the sole distributor of Bajaj Auto in South Africa, to offer motorcycle subscriptions to individuals and businesses in South Africa. The partnership means that safe, reliable and highly economical vehicles are now accessible and affordable for the many thousands of independent delivery drivers in South Africa.

According to Darren Venter, Head of Operations in South Africa at FlexClub, the fuel-efficient 125cc Bajaj CT motorcycles are a compelling and economical transport option for independent couriers who contract for food and goods delivery companies like Uber Eats, Mr D, Bolt, OneCart, Checkers, Takealot and others.

“These platforms typically have stringent requirements for their drivers’ vehicles, which have to pass regular safety assessments to ensure that they are fit for purpose,” Venter explains, “and given the solid reputation of the Bajaj motorcycles, combined with the technology powering the FlexClub marketplace, we can provide delivery drivers with simple access to high-quality vehicles for uninterrupted earnings.”

What’s more, the Bajaj CT bikes are ready to make deliveries right off the virtual showroom floor. The low weekly subscription of R600 covers all costs, including insurance and services. Each vehicle also comes with a delivery box and sports a convenient USB port, which means drivers never need to carry external charging devices to ensure their mobile phones stay charged and keep them connected to their preferred delivery platforms.

Ishaang Dada, Director at the local distributor of Bajaj Auto, TransRev RSA, says the organisation is excited to be a pioneer in the provision of affordable transport options for the many thousands of people in South Africa who depend on delivery work for their livelihoods. “The FlexClub vehicle subscription marketplace is ideal for those who require trustworthy vehicles to earn a steady income,” he explains, ”and we are confident that the Bajaj CT motorcycles we distribute are the perfect model for subscriptions, because of their affordability, reliability, excellent fuel efficiency, low-cost maintenance and aftersales service.”


According to Venter, the addition of the Bajaj motorcycle subscriptions to the FlexClub marketplace is the first step towards realising the FlexClub vision of supporting more vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies with getting their subscription offers into the hands of customers across South Africa. “We are also incredibly excited to partner with Stellenbosch-based electric vehicle manufacturer, MellowVans, demonstrating our ability to support innovative local manufacturers pursuing the subscription opportunity,” he explains, “so, we are excited about the potential that now exists to expand our offering through the addition of various sustainable vehicles, particularly electric-powered motorcycles.”

The Bajaj CT motorcycles are already available for subscription on the FlexClub marketplace in Johannesburg, and they will soon be made available to customers in Durban and Cape Town. For more information about the Bajaj CT bike, or other vehicles that can be accessed via the FlexClub marketplace, visit


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