What is a car subscription?

By FlexClub, June 9th 2021

Welcome to the place that will change the way you see cars, for life!

Flexibility is the major key.

What does this mean? Basically, a car subscription enables you to drive your car now, without making any long term commitments tying you into years’ long contracts that are difficult to come out of. Flexibility allows you to pick out your car for a monthly fee, and to return it after a 30 day notice period. Truly, have you ever thought of anything easier?

All-inclusive pricing.

When you pay for your car subscription, you pay for EVERYTHING except your fuel. Really. New tyres? We got you. New battery? We got you. Need a tow? You have it. Fender bender? Fixed, we got you. That one price that you pay every month, makes sure that you are able to operate your car with as little stress as possible.

It can work out cheaper than car loans

No lie! If you have financed a vehicle before, you can compare the costs you incurred on the installments, insurance, maintenance plan, tracking and roadside assistance with our all-inclusive, monthly subscription offers. We know you will find subscriptions are a worthy alternative.

Buy your car from anywhere

From your couch to your door. Literally. If you upload all the documents needed and are approved, the next thing you will get is a phone call to find out where your car can be delivered. If this makes you as excited as it makes us, take a look at the cars right here. You may see this as a value add, for us, it is the way it should always have been.

No long term commitment

The best part of all this is, with a subscription, you are not forced to make a decision to buy NOW or ever. You can drive your car for months, or years and decide whether you want to buy it, return it or get a new one.

Like we said, times change, people change, ways of doing things change. Isn’t change great when it’s for the better?

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